Blargg's Video Game Sound Emulation

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This page has resources for emulation of the simpler sound chips used in 8-bit video game consoles and home computers. The main subject is an efficient method of band-limited synthesis that gives good sound quality (230K mp3).

Sound quality samples of band-limited synthesis


Band-limited sound synthesis tutorial and efficient implementation

Digital signal processing resources

NES APU reference covers operation in detail


Blip_Buffer implements an efficient band-limited sound buffer for high-quality emulation of sound chips. Use it to build your own sound chip emulator.

Nes_Snd_Emu emulates the Nintendo NES 2A03 APU sound chip.

Gb_Snd_Emu emulates the Game Boy PAPU sound chip.

Sms_Snd_Emu emulates the Sega Master System SN76489 PSG sound chip.

Game_Music_Emu emulates game music in many popular game music formats (AY, GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, NSFE, SAP, SPC, VGM, and VGZ)

snes_spc emulates the Super Nintendo SPC-700 APU and DSP