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- Released Game Music Box 0.5.2b and source
- Added support for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive VGMs using the new smaller format
- Added support for Sunsoft FME-7 sound, allowing the Gimmick NSF soundtrack to play
- Added SPC surround sound disable
- Made several minor fixes for some soundtracks


- Released Game Music Box 0.5.1b and source
- Added game music format descriptions, improved sound scope, minor interface tweaks
- Added Mac OS X zip archives for those without Stuffit Expander
- Removed annoyingly loud demo song (sorry)


- Privately released Game Music Box 0.5.0b and source
- Added play options, favorites, OS X specific features, RAR, ZIP support, sound scope
- Merged and improved utility
- Simplified web site


- Privately released Game Music Player 0.4.0b and source
- Privately released Game Music Utility 0.1.0b and source
- Added shuffle, playlist queue, NSFE support, visual improvement
- Created web site and discussion forum


- Privately released Game Music Player 0.3.0
- Added recording ability


- Privately released Game Music Player 0.2.0
- Added channel muting window, preferences window


- Privately released Game Music Player 0.1.0
- Very simple functionality