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Game results taken from College Hockey News's Division I composite schedule

Ranking Parameters



KRACH "Fictitious Games"

Include tied "fictitious games" for each team against a hypothetical team with a KRACH of 100. (Sensible numbers are 0, 1, and 2.)

RPI Weightings

Pct OPct OOPct

Quality Wins Bonus

Quality wins are interconference vs top in RPI.

Home Neutral Road

Drop Harmful Wins?

Drop wins which hurt a team's RPI.

Pairwise Comparison Criteria

Criterion Weight Options
+tiebreaker Compare Exclude
vs TUC TUC has

Min of game(s) and opponent(s)
Recent Games last games
Common Opponents Min of game(s) and opponent(s)

RRWP is the round-robin winning percentage calculated by KRACH. c-HHWP and c-RRWP are the "criterion head-to-head winning percentage", and "criterion round-robin winning percentage", which should be equivalent at this point in the season, and both correspond to a "KRACHified" criterion where the strength of the opponents in the relevant set of games is considered. This is just the strength-of-schedule adjustment contained in our proposed modification to the NCAA selection criteria. AvgPct is the average of the team's winning percentages against the opponents included in the criterion.

Game Results

Additional Teams Under Consideration

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Hockey East
Atlantic Hockey

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