ABCL 1.7.1

The Bear is Armed!

Running SLIME under Cygwin

If ABCL may be said to have an IDE, it has one in the combination of Emacs using the SLIME to connect to running Lisp instance(s). absorbed most of the useful features pioneered by other, more native, versions. Continue reading Running SLIME under Cygwin

ABCL specific patches against Quicklisp

CFFI (via Quicklisp 2013-04-20)

After getting JNA reliably loaded where we are now resolving jna-3.5.1.jar from the network, we now start honing in on passing all the CFFI tests. The current version of the patch fails 25-6 of the tests (depending on hosting OS).

Item: Hunchentoot (via Quicklisp 201304-20)

The current implementation of setting socket timeouts emits runtime warnings on timeout, which seems harmless, if one uses HANDLER-BIND to provide sane control. We are considering doing this in subsequent patches to #+abcl Hunchentoot code, but want to be careful in installing handlers.

Item: Getting RESTAS working with ABCL

Working as we have fixed the implementation of &aux


Item: Getting RESTAS and Hunchentoot to respect :HUNCHENTOOT-NO-SSL

The version of Hunchentoot and RESTAS included with the 2012-02-08 Quicklisp distribution will fail to work without the ability to load the SSL libraries through CFFI. For certain platforms, the CFFI stuff doesn't always work (Note to self: it would be useful to have a pure Common Lisp implementation to fall back upon, probably created with Ironclad).

This patch has been incorporated into Hunchentoot.

Historical patch against Quicklisp 2012-02-08 hunchentoot-1.2.2: restas-hunchentoot-no-ssl-20120223a.patch