Web Ad Blocking Under Linux/Unix, BeOS, MacOS and Windows

by ads@slack.net

Last Updated Oct 15, 2002

Current server count: 671!!

Mac configuration now tested and available for general use.

Why Block Ads?

Increased Speed

The following quote came across the Edupage clipping service recently:

...Web surfers weary of enduring the "pulsating, candy-colored wave of advertising that has spread across the Internet," increasingly are turning to ad-blocking to speed up their download times. "They are a symbol of people saying, 'I'm not going to take it anymore,'" says Jakob Nielsen, co-founder of the Nielsen-Norman Group. ... Many online advertisers dismiss the trend toward ad-blocking, noting that when faster connections are available, consumers will not be so annoyed about being forced to download cumbersome advertisement files.
(Los Angeles Times 2 Mar 99)

Unfortunately, higher internet access speeds make the problem worse, not better. As access speeds grow, the size and complexity of ads grows with it. Current ads contain animation or executable material and may even be complete programs that contain crude games. The bloat in these ads keeps the download times for pages at the ragged edge of tolerability even as access speeds increase dramatically. At the same time, the textual content that the ads supposedly support stays roughly the same, so the percentage of bandwidth used for ads climbs sharply and will approach 99% in the not-too-distant future. Indeed, as the speed of your internet access goes up, ad blocking becomes increasingly more beneficial, not less.

Enhanced Privacy

Here's another clipping from Edupage:

Internet advertising server DoubleClick is tracking the online activity of users, recording their names, purchases, and addresses, reports USA Today. DoubleClick is combining the data it accumulates on Web user activity with a direct marketing database of 90 million households maintained by Abacus Direct, which DoubleClick acquired last year. Privacy International's David Banisar says the move threatens online anonymity, while consumer advocates say they will complain to the FCC. Junkbusters' Jason Catlett says, "For four years [DoubleClick] has said [the services] don't identify you personally, and now they're admitting they are going to identify you." DoubleClick says the practice allows ads to target users better, improving the online experience, and the company also points out that users can opt to not have their use tracked. Banisar claims that opt out language is usually buried in a site's privacy statement.
(USA Today, 26 Jan 2000)

If you are uncomfortable with DoubleClick knowing who you are, where you live, your credit card number, what you watch on the web and what you buy, you need to opt out immediately. To further punish them (since they have been doing this surreptitiously for some time) you should block their ads to reduce their revenue.

If you run Linux, another Unix, BeOS, or Windows or MacOS, and use Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer to surf the web, you can easily block many, many banner ads in just two easy steps. As a side benefit, you will foil DoubleClick's monitoring of your surfing patterns. In less than two minutes you can eliminate 90% of the ads on the web from your surfing day. The following configuration will block ads from sites in the USA, the UK, Germany, India, Thailand, China, Australia, France, Japan, Norway, Austria, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia and other places around the world.

Surfing Speed Increase: Making this configuration change will approximately double your surfing speed on many commercial sites. If you use Yahoo heavily, you will approximately triple your surfing speed. Surprisingly, this turns out to be quite noticable even if you are on a T1 or faster connection.

Slashdot readers: I update this list with servers found while reading Slashdot, among other things, so you might want to update your configuration with the newest information from this page before getting your daily dose of news for nerds.

Opting Out of DoubleClick's Monitoring

To opt out of DoubleClick's monitoring scheme, go to http://www.doubleclick.net/optout/default.asp and follow the directions. It will place a cookie on your computer that will disable doubleclick's tracking. Unless you follow the directions below you will still see their ads.

How To Block Ads

1. Update your hosts file

First, add the following entries to your hosts file. The host file always has the same format, but the location varies from OS to OS as described in the following table:

Operating System Name of Hosts file Comments
Linux/BSD/Solaris/Unixes /etc/hosts Must be root
BeOS /boot/beos/etc/hosts  
Windows NT c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts May need admin privileges
Windows 95/98 c:\windows\hosts If you have difficulty, try Gianpaolo Baglione's variation.
Macintosh Hosts in Preference folder. (Case matters). Place the Mac hosts file in the Preference folder. Name it "Hosts". Restart.


Copy the Mac hosts file to your computer. In the TCP/IP Control Panel, choose 'Select Hosts file' Select this file. Close and restart.

These are the entries to add to your computer's host file: (Macintosh users use the Mac version, not this one!) 123banners.com 207-87-18-203.wsmg.digex.net AdSubstract Garden.ngadcenter.net Ogilvy.ngadcenter.net ResponseMedia-ad.flycast.com Suissa-ad.flycast.com UGO.eu-adcenter.net VNU.eu-adcenter.net a32.g.a.yimg.com ad-adex3.flycast.com ad.adsmart.net ad.ca.doubleclick.net ad.de.doubleclick.net ad.doubleclick.net ad.es.doubleclick.net ad.fr.doubleclick.net ad.free6.com ad.it.doubleclick.net ad.iwin.com ad.jp.doubleclick.net ad.kr.doubleclick.net ad.linkexchange.com ad.linksynergy.com ad.nl.doubleclick.net ad.no.doubleclick.net ad.preferences.com ad.se.doubleclick.net ad.sma.punto.net ad.trafficmp.com ad.uk.doubleclick.net ad.webprovider.com ad08.focalink.com ad1.adcept.net ad1.icorp.net ad1.looksmart.com ad1.peel.com ad2.adcept.net ad2.looksmart.com ad2.peel.com ad3.adcept.net ad3.peel.com ad4.peel.com adcontroller.unicast.com adcreatives.imaginemedia.com addb.looksmart.com adevents.msn.com adex3.flycast.com adfarm.mediaplex.com adforce.ads.imgis.com adforce.imgis.com adfu.blockstackers.com adimage.blm.net adimages.earthweb.com adimages.go.com adimages.imaginemedia.com adimg.egroups.com admedia.xoom.com admonitor.net adpick.switchboard.com adproject.net adremote.pathfinder.com adres.internet.com ads-ussj1.focalink.com ads.ad-flow.com ads.adflight.com ads.admaximize.com ads.admonitor.net ads.adroar.com ads.bfast.com ads.box.sk ads.burstnet.com ads.cdfreaks.com ads.chrbanner.com ads.clickagents.com ads.clickhouse.com ads.dai.net ads.datais.com ads.enliven.com ads.eu.msn.com ads.fairfax.com.au ads.fool.com ads.fortunecity.com ads.fortunecity.fr ads.freeze.com ads.freshmeat.net ads.god.co.uk ads.guardianunlimited.co.uk ads.hitcents.com ads.hollywood.com ads.i12.de ads.i33.com ads.ign.com ads.imaginemedia.com ads.indya.com ads.infi.net ads.irover.com ads.ixo.com ads.jpost.com ads.jwtt3.com ads.killerapp.com ads.link4ads.com ads.linksponsor.com 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This step tells your machine that all these web ad companies' servers are actually located on your local machine. ( is a special address that means "this machine.") They aren't, so your browser's attempts to retrieve the ads will fail, and since they are local, will fail rapidly.

Check back periodically; I will update this list. (Feel free to send me additions along with a URL for testing).

If you are a Mac user, you are done. Do not follow step two below as it may lock up your machine.

2. Update your proxy configuration, even if you aren't behind a proxy

Second, start one of the browsers in the following table and follow the directions to paste in the long line below.

Browser Steps Comments
Netscape Navigator
  1. Go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Proxies.
  2. Select "Manual Proxy Configuration" (even if you aren't using a proxy)
  3. Click "View"
  4. Paste the long single line below into "No Proxy For" box
Internet Explorer
  1. Go to View->Internet Options...->Connetion tab
  2. Select Proxy (in middle of window)
  3. Check "Access the Internet using a proxy server"
  4. Click "Advanced..."
  5. Paste the long single line below into the "Exceptions" box.
  • It says to put ";"s inbetween the servers, but apparently it isn't necessary.
  • You may have to restart your computer

This is the line to paste into the No Proxy For/Exception box:

[You would need to add each hostname from the above list into one long line.]

This will tell Navigator/Explorer to access these sites directly. Since your hosts file says they are the local machine, ad lookups will fail and you can surf in peace without distraction, with the added bonus that many web pages will load quite a bit faster.

To see the difference, clear your memory and disk caches, then go to the Dilbert web site. Instead of a page filled with ads, you should see open rectangles where the ads should be.

That's it! You have just toasted over 90% of the banner ads on the web. If you have comments or questions, or can get this approach working under another browser or another platform, please send me email at atman@ecst.csuchico.edu.

Advanced Topic: For Proxy Admins

If you administer a proxy server for multiple users, perhaps at an ISP or a corporation--you can put the list of servers above in your proxy machine's /etc/hosts file and conveniently block ads for all your users. This will also save you lots of bandwidth and help protect your users' privacy. ISPs might find this a nice value-added differentiator in their competitive business. You can have two proxy servers: the default one that blocks ads for users, and a second optional one for users that just love ads. The latter can probably go on a machine already used for something else since the additional load from ad-loving surfers is going to be light. :-)

To Do List

Here is my to do list. If you want to help or have ideas, send me mail.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

I hate dorks who GPL web pages.